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Vista Quartz

American Marble is the preeminent regional fabricator of Natural Stone and Engineered/Quartz Slab Surfaces such as Casearstone & Zodiaq by DuPont. Just look what we have to offer.

Vista Quartz is a premium quality engineered quartz surface offered in 32 standard
color selections with an option for special order colors. Our premium engineered quartz
slabs measure 120” x 56” and 128”x 63”. As well it is available in both 2cm and 3cm
thicknesses. Custom orders for 12mm are also available. Vista Quartz is comprised of
approximately 93% natural quartz and 7% polyester and other polymer resin and
pigments. A unique manufacturing process bonds these materials into an incredibly
strong and durable product. The surface is non-porous, as well as heat, stain, and
scratch resistant. Vista Quartz surfaces require no sealing and are easy to maintain.
Cleaning the surface with soap and water or a neutral pH cleanser will ensure the luster
and natural semi-gloss finish of the product for years to come.

All of these qualities have made Vista Quartz a premier choice among builders around
the world. For developers, it’s an ideal surface for kitchen countertops, bathroom
vanities, bar tops and other surfaces. In the commercial market it is perfect for high
traffic areas such as offices, banks, hotels, cafeterias and restaurants. Applications can
include walls, reception areas, serving areas, table tops, and much more.

Vista Quartz provides a 10-year limited warranty on all slab material from date of
purchase. Should a manufacturing defect occur during the warranty period, Vista Quartz
will repair or replace the defective surface. Any defects must pertain to the material
itself, as the warranty does not cover labor, installation, improper use, incorrect
maintenance, or negligence of any kind and will not be considered a valid warranty

10 Year Warranty

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